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Bankruptcy Costs

We understand you’re overwhelmed with debt and will work hard to make it financially possible to file bankruptcy.

Fees consist of a court filing fee paid to the court and attorney fees paid to your attorney. In some cases in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, the attorney's fess can be included in the bankruptcy. This will be discussed at your free consultation.

Payment options can also be discussed at your free consultation. We do not accept credit cards. Cash, certified check or money order only.

Fees Include
- Filing petitions and schedules
- Handling any and all of your telephone calls
- Contacting each of your creditors about your case
- Telephone calls and letters responding to creditor questions about your bankruptcy
- Preparing you for the hearing
- Appearing with you at the hearing
Additional Fees
- Credit report
- Adding a creditor after filing
- Making a Copy of any part of your file after discharge
- US Trustee Inquiry
- Any work performed after the case is discharged

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